Nail Gareev vs. Nikolay Solovyov. Riga, 1954. USSR Championship. The victory was awarded to Nail Gareev (right).

World Championship in Karlsruhe, Germany, 1955.

From left to right: Mazur A.E., Gareev N.M., Nikolaev V.V., G. Kartusia.

On the right, Nail Gareev, Master of Sports of the USSR, Vice-World Champion. Left Valentin Vladimirovich Nikolaev Champion of the Olympic Games in Melbourne (Australia).

Sochi, 1957. My grandparents:  Suphia Abdrashitovna and Nail Mukhametgarievich.

Honoured Master of Sports.

N. M. Gareev´s Book "First step to Olympic medals".

Nail Gareev shares his memories about his wrestling for first place in the team championship of the Soviet Union 1953-1954.