The Fairy Tale

Far-far, where the range of the mountains softly frame the earth, where the fields of rye and wheat, flowers are growing in their splendour, where the little rivers and brooks are running in harmony and where the forests are bordering with the fields is situated the Sunny Valley.

Each season here is beautiful, greeting the rays of Sun. In winter, there are softly snowflakes dancing in the air and in quietness decorate the fields. In Spring and Summer the Valley is dressed in young leaves and decorated with juicy grass. The fields are covered with colourful flowers. In Autumn, the season of the golden time, many fruits and vegetables are ripened. The wheat and rye is ready for the harvest.

And in this Valley, amongst the fields, forest, brooks and rivers are cosily seen the little houses, so harmoniously fit into Nature. In these houses are leaving our friends – the animals.

Their daily life of a particular interest and in the books, themselves, the reader is welcomed to step in to their houses. Their days  are beautifully spent with care, discoveries, inventions and adventures.

I welcome you, dear reader, into the Sunny Valley, where you encounter with the tales of our thoughtful, fluffy, friendly, caring and very-very kind Friends.

Let us begin ...