The Greeting Cards from the Tale

This section of the website offers to my dear visitors and  readers of the fairy tales: beautiful greeting messages, affirmations and  inspiring themes, wonderfully drawn by talented young artists.

"Embrace any coming with a welcoming heart."

Any new coming we are often meeting with the resistance, because we are considering it as something we are not expecting. When it is arriving as something not expected - we tend to think it is for sure not good for me. On the contrary, Life itself is wise and it follows the natural laws and when there is natural law in place - the end will always be good, always. We should have a belief and hold to it every time that all is for Good.


"Choose your path with the heart."

Often we are looking for our path, for our purpose in Life. We should remember to talk to our inner self, to our heart. She knows a true direction  and can support you with Love. 

"When you love, miracles happen."

This is something universal  though not all of us are trying to put it into practice and belief.  We should believe with an open heart filled with light, kindness, compassion, patience and mercy. These are the embodiments of Love. The miracles are always accompanying Love,  because Love is beyond visibility and comes from the highest realm.  

"Share the warmth"

We often think that we can feel security and comfort by having things. Although, the greatest warmth and heart-melting feeling we get is when we share things  with others. When we see and feel the needs of others, we become closer. This creates a feeling of warmth, like the little birds, when they almost pile up on each other, making a fluffy boll. In this way - a big heart is created...

"Kindness attracts miracles"

Seeing the things with an open heart makes us see wonders, miracles. With the loving heart  the path is narrow though guided from the above.

"Playing chess"

We often think about Life as something given for granted. Yet, we need to remember that this Life was given to us as a gift and we should be grateful to what we have and treasure it.

"Big protects the small - that is the Nature"

Indeed, small appears to us being small and when it is small, it seeks for protection. When we grow up, we need to remember that even an ant deserves our bowing and it is our duty to care for the little ones, no matter how difficult it can be.

"In the memory of two beautiful trees"

This poster is dedicated to the loss of trees due to hazardous weather conditions, misuse or urban planning. Let us keep tightly, like these two elephants, and treasure Nature for the generations to come.