Here who is behind the books

Dear reader, a very warm welcome to my website.

Are you seating cosily and having a warm soft herbal tea with the silver-like steam coming friendly or nourishing juice nearby you? Do you hear the music, which is flowing with this page? You can see this just below, a little music sign. So, do you feel that a soft smile appears on you and your eyes shine with the light? Please have your delicious, nourishing drink, enjoy the harmonious, a fairy-like music and let me introduce myself.

My name is Dilyara Ulrich. It has been a long time, since I was writing small fairy poems or tales. In my family, I was happily rated as a poetic girl, living in harmony with animals, flowers, trees.

My mother often read my poems to her friends. Some of them she knew by heart, which was giving the light to my heart and gratitude from my Soul. Quite often my family, my dear sister encouraged me to publish those Poems.

After my move to Switzerland and marriage to a wonderful, generous, loving and very-very kind man - Christoph, I have started to write more. I have started to write the children’s' fairy tales, which are linked to each other, evolving into a happy and harmonious story.

Dear reader, on the next chapter of my website, you can explore the fairy tale, the characters, my little heroes and glowing land, called Sunny Valley. Dear reader, you can also find here my books too.

I sincerely hope that seating cosily with the view on Nature, at home and reading these fairy tales, your family and you will be having many laughs, happy cheering and smiles. Because these fairy tales are written to unveil our Kindness, unity with the family and discover a little curious child who is always in us.

With warmth and gratitude, Dilyara U.

My name is Maryia Naidzionysheva.

It seems to me that I have been drawing my whole life. I have started my career as a drawing teacher. My work with the kids helped me in the process of creating a guide to drawing - my first experience in illustration.

Since 2011 I have been working as a freelancer for various advertising agencies and production studios. My job is to draw an advertising concept and create a storyboard for commercials. In parallel with that I am taking part in various creative projects, such as creating illustrations for poems for kids or creating images of toys. Most of my work I do in the genre of digital illustration. However, working with materials, watercolors and color pencils give me a special pleasure.

My favorite activity is to create funny characters: to each of the images I also attach the figure's biography, habits and temperament.

Children always invent stories when they draw their pictures. My experience with children helps me in my work today. Therefore, I was happy to take part in creating illustrations for the book «In the search of the Fairy Land». I hope that I managed to convey on paper that warmth that I felt when I read the sunny story of Foppik and Kirusha.

Sincerely, Masha